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Celebrating a Milestone

R Park’s 10th Anniversary

This summer marks a milestone for R Park, the JHLT’s flagship community open space! Ten years ago, a committed group of locals celebrated its completed transformation from a gravel mine to a flourishing natural park. We’ll be celebrating all summer at events, and we’ve launched a fundraising campaign to keep R Park welcoming, safe, and full of life for the next 10 years and beyond!

This month, we’re raising money to improve water infrastructure at R Park. The main pond is an invaluable resource to this community—a safe body of water for swimming, splashing, and learning to fish and paddle before exploring wilder waters. R Park’s ponds are fed from the waters from the Snake River, and some necessary upgrades to the pump system will ensure the ponds stay cool and clear.

A local family has promised a $50,000 gift if we can reach 100 unique gifts this month. Can we count you in?


What is R Park?

A Park for the People

As Teton County’s first nonprofit-run park, R Park is our community’s values in action. Open to all, what once was a gravel pit is now a place where kids can learn to fish, identify birds, or scramble along Mama Mimi’s outstretched legs. We host several events there each year, as do other community organizations, giving everyone a reason to love R Park. Thanks to a prime location along the community pathway and START bus line, R Park provides accessible connection to nature in the heart of the valley.


R Park is your space to enjoy, and is free and open to the public.

In order to best accommodate our visitors, and to keep the park clean, fun, and family-friendly, please follow the following rules.

Getting around:

  • Park your bike at entrances.
  • Park cars in designated spaces only.
  • Use hand propelled watercraft.
  • Swim at your own risk.
  • Walk your dogs on leash using the marked perimeter trails only.

Respect the Ecosystem:

  • Scoop your poop.
  • Respect wildlife and enjoy from a distance.
  • Fish only if you are under 16 years old.
  • Practice catch and release and use artificial bait.
  • Leave No Trace. Don’t pick or remove vegetation.

Using the Space:

  • Reserve and secure permits for group use.
  • Don’t use amplified sound.
  • Respect closures.
  • Don’t start fires.
  • Avoid glass containers.

Some Rules:

  • No smoking.
  • No use or carrying of weapons, firearms or fireworks.No commercial activity.
  • No camping.

Get Involved

Support R Park, Join WYLD

Enjoy spending time at R Park? Become a WYLD member! Your generosity will ensure ongoing maintenance and programming at the park.

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