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Support Community Conservation, Join WYLD.

WYLD members fuel community conservation initiatives that enrich the livability of this valley and invite accessible open-space experiences for all. WYLD members will enjoy benefits throughout the year, including special updates, free drinks at WYLD community events, and discounted tickets to the annual WYLD dinner.

WYLD is meant to be monthly giving program, but if you’d like to make a one-time gift, please click here.

WYLD Advisory Council

WYLD Advisory Council Members are the emerging voices of conservation in Northwest Wyoming and the guiding force behind the WYLD membership program. Their dedication supports inclusive, holistic programs that offer opportunities for all members of our community to connect to open space at JHLT community conservation properties like R Park, the Greenspace on the Block, Karns Meadow, and more.

WYLD Advisory Council members drive future community conservation protection efforts through strategy and fundraising, develop youth education opportunities, and steer programming and events that will continue to bring this community together.

  • Lucas Ayoub

  • Molly Broom

  • Robin Cameron

  • Aaron Carillo Hernandez

  • Julie Dery

  • Andy Flores-Cano

  • Laura Gaylord

  • Victor Hernandez

    Vice Chair
  • Kahlynn Huck

  • Mekki Jaidi

  • Tiffany Kelly

  • Elizabeth Martinez

  • Hal B. Wheeler