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Greenspace Use Request

Host an Event at The Greenspace

The Greenspace on the Block is a public space created through the vision and action of the community and managed by the Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT). It is a place where locals can meet with friends and neighbors to experience open space conservation firsthand. Saved through community efforts, the programming of the Greenspace on the Block will intentionally reflect the values of our entire community.

Intended to be a vibrant community space open to passive public use and appropriate partner programming, we are thrilled that you are interested in hosting a program on the Greenspace on the Block. Did you know the Jackson Hole Land Trust holds a conservation easement on the Greenspace on the Block? The greenspace is protected through legally binding documents that restrict further use and development in order to protect this land in its relatively natural state forever. This ensures that the Greenspace on the Block will be properly maintained for community use for generations to come.

How to Submit a Request

Please carefully read the following policies that apply to every use request received by the JHLT. If your intended use is within the bounds of these policies, please apply no less than 30 days prior to your proposed use. Upon review, the JHLT will either approve, deny or request amendments to your use request. Completing this application does not mean use has been granted. Use will be granted only upon written approval from the Jackson Hole Land Trust.

Greenspace on the Block Usage Policy

Saved through community efforts, partnerships are central to the Greenspace on the Block’s DNA. The following are expectations for partner use based on management practices designed to best care for this space. By applying to host a program or event at the Greenspace on the Block, applicants agree to the following terms and policies:

1.     Applicant shall submit application at least 30 days prior to the proposed use.

2.    The JHLT will in no way assume liability for any accidents occurring on the Greenspace on the Block during Applicant’s event. The Applicant and all of its invitees will use the Greenspace on the Block and its amenities at one’s own risk. The JHLT will require Applicant to provide a certificate of insurance for organized events with any of the following: (a) 50 or more attendees, (b) a caterer, (c) added infrastructure (e.g. tents, stage, lighting), and/or (d) any activity that the JHLT may deem high-risk to the space or your event participants.

3.    The Greenspace on the Block is open for public use every day of the week. All applications should be either (a) for events and/or block-specific programming  that are free and open to the public or (b) for use of the space within the larger course of a nonprofit partner’s programming.  If the application is in conjunction with a camp or course that requires participant payment, applicant shall demonstrate how they have addressed inclusivity and accessibility to their programming through their application/enrollment process. JHLT will prioritize applications that show a commitment to accessible and inclusive programming.

4. Partner programming and events which utilize the Greenspace on the Block shall be advertised on public forums and information about these opportunities shall be easily accessible to the public.  Use approval does not guarantee exclusivity; however, JHLT will only approve one organized use at a time.

5.    The Applicant, whose signature is affixed to this Request Form, is solely responsible for their program/event and ensuring that the Greenspace on the Block is treated respectfully and left in the same or better condition upon conclusion of the approved use. A refundable damage deposit of $300 may be required upon approval of the Request Form in the JHLT’s absolute discretion or if the approved use requires significant infrastructure or exceeds 50 persons. Applicant is responsible for all costs needed to restore Greenspace on the Block to its pre-event status, as defined by JHLT.

6.    Applicant will follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Applicant is solely responsible for obtaining and paying for any permits or licenses required by the Town of Jackson (e.g. alcohol permit, exposition license, temporary sign permit, noise permit).

7.    All additional infrastructure and/or equipment planned for requested use must be noted in this application or approved in writing by JHLT at least 10 days prior to Applicant’s use.  This includes, but is not limited to, stages, tents, chairs, food and beverage, catering support, amplified sound, garbage and recycling bins.  Applicant is responsible for all associated costs.

8.    Schedule of events or explanation of planned activities and site map must be furnished upon request.

9.    Alteration of the Greenspace, open fires, and signs or subject matter with political content are all strictly prohibited.

10.    All Applicants agree to include the JHLT in their messaging around their use on the Greenspace on the Block as outlined in the JHLT Community Conservation Press Kit.

11.    Applicants will consider a donation to the Jackson Hole Land Trust for use of the Greenspace on the Block. Make a gift of any size online or send a check to Jackson Hole Land Trust, P.O. Box 2897, Jackson, WY 83001.

12.    Applicants shall furnish proper first aid equipment, or have a plan prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

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By submitting you agree to abide by the use conditions set forth by the Rendezvous Park Usage Policy. The undersigned hereby agrees to forever release and hold harmless Rendezvous Park (R Park), Rendezvous Lands Conservancy (RLC), the Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT), and any of their respective successors in interest, parent organizations, affiliated organizations and companies, insurance carriers, agents, employees, representatives, assignees, officers, directors, and shareholders (the “Released Parties”) for any liabilities, claims, actions, demands, losses, expenses, damages, fines, fees, penalties, suits, or proceedings for any property damage, injury, or loss, including death, arising in whole or in part from undersigned’s event, program, or activity at R Park. Further, the undersigned agrees to indemnify (reimburse) each Released Party for any and all claims from the undersigned and/or a third party arising in whole or in part from the undersigned’s event, program, or activity at R Park.