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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and steward Northwest Wyoming landscapes for current and future generations.

Our Vision

We envision a legacy of resilient open spaces, wildlife habitat, working lands, and community places, forever protected across Northwest Wyoming.

Our Team

Get to know the Jackson Hole Land Trust staff.

  • Max Ludington

  • Liz Long

    Vice President
  • Derek Schaefer

    Chief Operating and Financial Officer
  • Zach Andres

    Community Conservation Operations Manager
  • Mika Burdette

    Community Conservation Programs Manager
  • Jill Callahan

    Director of Advancement
  • Ella Driscoll Jackson Hole Land Trust

    Ella Driscoll

    Advancement Manager
  • Derek Ellis

    Director of Stewardship
  • Alex Few

    Park County Open Lands Director
  • Steffan Freeman

    Senior Land Steward
  • Kerry Gold

    Green River Valley Program Director
  • Madison Harper

    Conservation Project Manager
  • Lindsay Jones

    Director of Communications and Outreach
  • Alexandra Munger

    Events and Outreach Associate
  • Emily Reed Park County Open Lands

    Emily Reed

    Conservation Project Manager
  • Roxanne Rosales

    Advancement and Operations Manager
  • Alex St.Clair

    Conservation Project Manager
  • Kathryn Tolley

    Grants Manager

Our Board

  • Shawn Smith

  • Lori Fields

    First Vice Chair
  • Mike Fenn

    Second Vice Chair
  • Michael-Schrotz_Munger

    Michael Schrotz

  • Kelly Davis

  • Jan Phillips Davis

  • Mark Fisher

  • Mekki Jaidi

  • Des Jennings

  • Cody Lockhart

  • Anita Miles

  • Alex Muromcew JHLT Board

    Alex Muromcew

  • Marion Mussafer

  • Emilé Z. Newman

  • Bob Peters

  • George-Putman_Munger

    George Putman

  • Sonja_Terry Allen

    Sonja Rife

  • Amy Staehr

  • Patti Stancarone

  • Hal B. Wheeler

  • Lindsay Wilcox

Advisory Council - Green River Valley

  • Mike Fenn

    Second Vice Chair
  • Deborah Dawson

  • Jon Dawson

  • Brian Gray

  • Faith Hamlin

  • Hadley Manning

  • Sonja_Terry Allen

    Sonja Rife

  • Jim Roscoe

Advisory Council - Park County Open Lands

  • Mark Bruscino

  • Rebekah Burns

  • Mark Fisher

  • Garrett Growney

  • Buzzy Hassrick

  • Allen Hogg

    Allen Hogg

  • Jarren Kuipers

  • James Seckman

  • Abby Scott

  • Kelly Spiering

  • Anne Young

Advisory Council - Wind River Program

  • Carlie Ideker

Advisory Council - WYLD

  • Lucas Ayoub

  • Molly Broom

  • Robin Cameron

  • Aaron Carillo Hernandez

  • Julie Dery

  • Andy Flores-Cano

  • Laura Gaylord

  • Victor Hernandez

  • Kahlynn Huck

  • Mekki Jaidi

  • Tiffany Kelly

  • Elizabeth Martinez

  • Hal B. Wheeler