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WyoView: The Old Barn at Rocking H

WyoView, a program of the Jackson Hole Land Trust, seeks to unite art and conservation to cultivate a deeper sense of place in Northwest Wyoming, raising awareness of the importance of open space protection for the valley’s wildlife and community.

This past fall, the JHLT sought out artist Grace Peck to illustrate the historical Rocking H Ranch. Protected by a JHLT-conservation easement since 1998, the five-generation ranch is nestled under a cottonwood gallery along the Snake River with a historic 1920s barn located at the heart of the property. A mix of sagebrush, forest, and wetlands provides habitat for wildlife including elk, moose, mule deer, bald eagles, and osprey.

“Visiting the Rocking H felt like going back in time,” reflected Grace. “Turning off the highway onto a two-track road and winding my way through fields of cattle toward that beautiful red barn.”

WyoView invites creatives like Grace and many others in the past to connect with nature and the history of protected open spaces. “I was immediately drawn to the barn—the building itself, the doors flung open, the ribbons, the old glass in the windows, and the way the light hit them at sunset.”

Grace joined the JHLT at our annual WYLD Dinner at Rocking H to snap some reference photos to work from. The ranch provides an incredible backdrop to community conservation, and while some moody weather literally dampened the evening, it made for dramatic lighting that comes through in Grace’s work. “The view by the river was also beautiful, and I went out there a few times to get some photos as the light changed, and the darker clouds came in.”

Grace Peck Rocking H Watercolor

Find yourself at peace with more of Grace’s film and watercolor work on Instagram @littlescoutcreative.