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Nate’s Notes

Hi, I’m Nate Espejel and I started working with the Jackson Hole Land Trust in 2022 as the Coombs EMPOWER Intern, and from the first day I felt welcomed into the team. During the first few weeks, I learned about everyone’s role at the Land Trust; there are different teams, each with their own goals. I had the opportunity to work with Mika and Zach, who are part of the Community Conservation team, and it was a fun and valuable experience. Their guidance and professionalism in dealing with people, whether they are a donor, board member, or somebody looking for Mama Mimi, taught me a lot.

They assigned me the task of tabling every Wednesday at R Park, where I organize activities for kids. We have two Discovery boxes; bird watching and aquatic insect sampling, plus coloring sheets, and I am working on a scavenger hunt activity for R Park. It’s amazing to see interest from people around the world, all amazed by the work put into R Park and the Greenspace on the Block. Overall, I have enjoyed my time with The Jackson Hole Land Trust and found what they do for not only Jackson but all of Wyoming fascinating and am glad to be a part of it.