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Interactive Sculpture Lands at the Greenspace on the Block

If you’ve been by the Greenspace on the Block recently, you may have noticed artist Ben Roth manipulating pine and fir logs into a masterful, interactive art sculpture. We are so excited to present the newest art installation at one of our community open spaces – Bison Wallow by Ben Roth! To commemorate the piece, we interviewed Ben to learn more about his process.

Visit the Greenspace on the Block.

What is it and what inspired you? 
It is an environmental installation sculpture depicting a resting bison next to a wallow. I started out thinking about animal induced sculptures in Nature such as nests, dams, dens, runs, slides and trails. The wallow seemed like an evocative form that would cause an inquisitive response.

Who funded the sculpture? 
This project was organized by the Jackson Hole Land Trust and is funded in part with an Arts for All grant provided by Teton County, and was supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wyoming Legislature.

Can people interact with your sculpture?
I hope people will walk into the wallow, lean against its edges, sit upon the built-in bench and climb on the bison. I used about 40 logs that were 8 to 13 feet long.

How long did it take you, and how long will it last? 
The sculpture took a solid month and I used chainsaws, grinders and chisels. The installation is currently designed to last 3 to 4 years but the wood will hold up longer.
Where can we find more of your art? 
The Cloudveil hotel and Suda restaurant own several of my pieces and I have public art pieces at the Rec. Center (Stingrays), Center for the Arts (Earth Rise) and along Broadway across from the Virginian (Watch for Deer).

How can people contact you? 
Instagram: @rothinator

Photo: Alexandra Munger / Jackson Hole Land Trust