Susan Rose: Karns Meadow

WyoView: Four Seasons is a year-long study of Jackson Hole Land Trust Properties. I am one of 19 artists that have each been given the opportunity to visit designated sites throughout the year and submit four works of art to an exhibit that will take place on December 13, 2018.

Forming a deep connection to the conservation land, I aim to portray the changes and cycles that take place on the landscape throughout the year. The property I am studying is Karns Meadow Park in Jackson, Wyoming.

The first painting I have completed represents the Spring season. The best way for me to understand a property is to visit it at different times of the day. I try to understand the different aspects of the meadow and see if I can incorporate those aspects into a single image. I find when I try to seek the essence of that scene I do better with a painting. One way to simplify what I see is to compose a Haiku poem. It helps me to find words that convey meaning and I can translate that meaning visually. Below is the Haiku poem I wrote for Spring and the 9” x 12” painting I completed.

Fresh snow covers blue hills
while lush greens sculpt valley floors.
The earth laughs with life.