Sonja Rife

Sonja Rife and her husband, Jason, own and operate Killpecker Creek Cattle Company in the foothills of the Wyoming Range, where the sagebrush plains meet the soaring mountains and pine trees reach toward the open skies. Lush grasses blanket the meadows while Cottonwood Creek and Killpecker Creek provide ample feed and water for a growing herd of Galloway cattle. Sonja grew up in the D.C. area and earned her Bachelors of Science in biology. Her and her husband’s decision to leave the east coast and raise their family in the fresh air and wide-open spaces, combined with a passion for interesting, scientific-based work led to purchase 1,100 acres in Daniel, Wyoming in 2013 and begin ranching from a scientific background. With their love of good food and home cooking, Sonja and Jason raise grass-finished, no-antibiotic, no-hormone beef that they are proud to serve at their table and offer to their community.