Fio Lazarte

Fio Lazarte has been a Jackson resident for almost 10 years. During this time Fio found her love for the mountains and teaching. This part of the journey began when she became a part time preschool teacher, a volunteer tutor, and Spanish language teacher for adults. Following this, she became a lead teacher at a preschool and eventually joined the staff at Teton Literacy Center where she joined a new team to create an early literacy program. In this position, she has had the opportunity to help create a literacy-preschool program that serves children from low income families. Without this program, these children were at greater risk for struggling as they entered kindergarten. After one year of this program, all 30 of the children who participated and entered kindergarten are experiencing great success, which has been rewarding. More importantly, she finds the job very exhilarating and she has become passionate about teaching. In addition to Kindergarten readiness, she also teaches at Jackson Elementary for after-school enrichment pieces.

In addition to her preschool teaching experience, she has also served as a volunteer advocate for the Community Safety Network—an organization committed to providing support, shelter, and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Through this work, she has had the opportunity to advocate for victims who need support in their native language. In this respect, she also became a volunteer for the Latino Resource Center assisting at organization events and helping Latinos feel part of the community and supports the Santa’s Fund as another way to show gratitude to this community. Finally, she is also part of the Old Bill’s Fun Run Committee as the Latino Outreach Coordinator, during this time she was in charge to increase the Latino participation at Old Bills during this wonderful fundraising. Through all this work, she seeks to give back to the community of Jackson.