South Park Road Property Painting Session – August 14, 2014

One of the things I love about our valley is its dynamic weather. The summer of 2014 has shown us a broad spectrum of what Mother Nature has to offer. Specifically, we experienced a lot more rain than is typical in this part of the world. By July and August we had accumulated twice the annual average. Each time I would attempt to paint at this beautiful property along South Park Road, I would get rained out with a serious downpour. Finally, I would not take ‘no’ for an answer. Instead, I put on my rain slicker and ski pants and set up my easel out of the wind.


Two advantages allowed me to get to work – A) there was no lightning and B) oil paint doesn’t dissolve in raindrops!


Being at this South Park Road property during a storm is truly special. Perched atop the butte, I felt as if I could reach up and touch the dark clouds that were heavy with rain. Often in this part of the world, storms blow in with a flurry and continue to move on. This is what happened on my day of painting. From the top of the butte, I could be experiencing the storm all the while, looking out across the valley and see the open skies beyond the Teton Range. From this location, I could see the beginning and the end of the same storm.


There is a saying, “In Wyoming, we don’t have to look up to see the sky.” This is true from this piece of land. In fact, from there, one is surrounded by it.

-Kathryn Mapes Turner