Trout Tuesdays

In 2018, Trout Tuesdays launched with the goal to help more Latino families learn to fish and utilize the valley’s world-class waterways. The project was conceived by Wyoming Game and Fish, World Cast, Snake River Fund, Orvis, Teton Science Schools, and the Jackson Hole Land Trust. Every Tuesday in June 2018 from 5-8 PM, families had access to bilingual fishing guides to learn the basics of fishing in the safe, intimate setting of R Park.

Many visitors travel to Jackson Hole to fish, and this program will allow locals to be part of the long fishing culture of the valley. As inclusion and diversity comes to the forefront of outdoor movements, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and partners teamed up to expand the success of Kids Fishing Day to the greater Jackson Hole community.

“The future of conservation needs to be as diverse as the flora and fauna we are trying to protect, that starts with memorable positive outdoor experiences in safe places like R Park,” said Jr Rodriguez, Community Conservation Manager/R Park Director. “R Park is one of JHLT’s conservation easements with public access; it allows community members to experience conservation, nature, and open space. This program opens conservation values to a new audience that will hopefully join in protecting the open spaces so highly valued in Jackson through the prized cultural activity of fishing.”

Partners: WY Game and Fish, WorldCast, Orvis, Snake River Fund, Teton Science Schools, Trout Unlimited