R Park

R Park is the Land Trust’s community conservation gem, with 40 acres of reclaimed space designed to encourage all ages to engage with nature and inspire through open space interaction. What comes to mind when you think of R Park- kids sledding the big knoll in winter, moose munching on cottonwoods in spring, access to slow moving ponds and the Snake River in summer, or maybe one of our community events throughout the year? R Park is all of these and more, the potential for R Park to contribute to this community is immeasurable. That is why R Park is so special; our team is actively trying to engage new people with this reclaimed natural space. Our goal is to make inclusive programs for everyone and to continue to provide a community space for safe exploration, wildlife viewing and education, and neighborly gatherings. R Park is conservation that people can intimately experience and understand JHLT’s work to protect the treasured landscapes of Northwestern Wyoming.