Mead Ranch

The Mead Ranch is a 1,500-acre ranch north of Highway 22 that encompasses much of the southern half of Spring Gulch – a scenic, pastoral valley that lies between East and West Gros Ventre Buttes, with stunning views of the Cathedral Group of the Tetons. As one of the most iconic and recognized viewsheds in Jackson, land in Spring Gulch has been at the top of the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s conservation priority list since 2001. In May 2015, the Land Trust successfully completed the Spring Gulch Meadows Project, working closely with landowners Brad Mead, Muffy Mead-Ferro, Governor Matt Mead, and Pete Hansen to conserve 379 acres of ranch lands first settled by their family in 1918. The high priority project safeguards the incredible scenic views of Spring Gulch and beyond from Highway 22 and Spring Gulch Road, the ranching heritage of the land, which produces local grass-fed Mead Ranch Natural Beef, and the important wildlife habitat and migration corridors it provides for elk, mule deer, and moose. It complements the 211 acres at the southern end of Spring Gulch previously protected by the Land Trust and Mead and Hansen families in the early 2000s through the Campaign for Our Valley. The Spring Gulch Meadows Project was made possible through the generosity of private contributions to the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s Forever Our Valley capital campaign and a loan from the Bank of Jackson Hole.