Long Ridge

The 78-acre Long Ridge property in the Wind River Program area was protected in October 2014 through a donated easement from the Brigham family. At Long Ridge, the valley narrows and the Wind River runs along the base of the colorful Dubois Badlands, providing scenic views from the highway about 6 miles southeast of the Town of Dubois. The property is critical winter habitat for bighorn sheep, mule deer, and antelope, and the stretch of the Wind River that runs through the property is also treasured by anglers making use of a Wyoming Game and Fish access easement. After a fire ravaged historic downtown Dubois in late December 2014, resulting in fire and water damage, our Wind River Program moved to a new office location at 202 East Ramshorn Street. We visited with the conservation landowners and ranch managers of our 5 easement areas in Fremont County spanning 2,685 acres through our stewardship monitoring program.