Open Space Adventure: Animal Migration

Welcome back to Open Space Adventures! Migration is such a cool topic to learn about because there are so many different species from tiny insects like dragonflies and monarch butterflies, to birds like cranes and geese, all the way to pronghorn and mule deer that all migrate. Northwest Wyoming is home to many migrating land animals like mule deer, elk, and pronghorn, to name a few. Check out the resources below to learn more about why these animals migrate, how far some of these animals travel, and when and where you can see them passing through your neighborhood.

Check out the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website site to learn about how your summer vacation happy place might compare to a deer’s summer range happy place and gather some insight into why these animals take their journeys.

Watch this video from the Wyoming Migration Initiative which shows the world record deer migration visualized in 3D. Her journey takes place right in our backyard!

Last, but certainly not least, use this link to view the live video feed from the Trapper’s Point Wildlife Overpass webcam. Right now, thousands of pronghorn and deer are migrating north in large and small herds and are moving across the overpass. Pull out your nature journal and make some observations about what you see!

Don’t forget to check back next week. We will take a closer look at the “maps” that animals use for migration and how kiddos can create these kinds of maps too!

Photo: Josh Metten