Wildlife Friendly Fencing

Certain types of traditional fencing such as 5- or 6-strand barbed wire can cause problems for wildlife by blocking animal migrations, entangling big game species resulting in injury or death, and presenting a collision hazard for large, low-flying birds. Fencing designed with wildlife in mind can be just as effective as older styles at marking property boundaries and containing livestock, but it allows wildlife to pass through safely by reducing the risks of collision or entanglement. If you’re interested in making the fences on your property safer for wildlife, you may have several options such as removing unused sections of fence, modifying the existing fence, or replacing certain sections of fence completely.

Information about wildlife-friendly fencing has been compiled in A Wyoming Landowner’s Handbook to Fences and Wildlife: Practical Tips for Fencing with Wildlife in Mind.

Organizations that provide services to make fences on private lands more wildlife-friendly include (click for website):