Habitat Enhancement

Our connected stream, river, and pond resources, and their associated riparian communities, elevate the habitat values on conserved properties throughout northwest Wyoming, and provide for special scenic qualities. Landowners who desire to implement fishery, stream, and pond related activities are encouraged to focus on efforts that will diversify the habitat characteristics for a broad range of species, be sustainable through time, and incorporate biological and structural components that advance the conservation values set forth in our partnership easement agreements. Several agency and non-profit partners provide expertise to ensure that aquatic systems on private lands are diverse, robust, and productive. Projects may include:

  • Swan Habitat general and winter habitat
  • Cold water fisheries that support all life stages of trout
  • Wetland enhancement
  • Riparian feature
  • Wildlife

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Organizations and entities that provide services relating to stream, pond, wetland and riparian enhancement (click for website):