Forestry / Wildfire Mitigation

The tranquility of living at the forest’s edge has become increasingly attractive as western communities grow. However, wildfire is an undeniable reality in the western landscape. For landowners with conservation easements, striking a balance between home-protection and retaining the integrity of the ecological functions of their conservation properties can be a challenge. If you are concerned with the potential of damage from wildfire, we encourage you to contact the Stewardship Staff to review the allowances the easement holds for fire mitigation. In addition, we strongly encourage a consultation with the Teton Conservation District (TCD) for best management options for fire mitigation, as well as other forestry concerns.

  • Wildfire mitigation
  • Insect damage prevention
  • Forest health improvement
  • Firewood harvest

Feel free to give our Stewardship Staff a call with any questions!

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