Landowner Spotlight: Broken Arrow Ranch

Broken Arrow Ranch is 61 acres on the banks of the Hoback River, protected by a JHLT conservation easement since 1997. Randy Luskey purchased the property the year before for the City Kids Wilderness Project, a nonprofit founded on the belief that providing enriching life experiences for DC youth can enhance their lives, the lives of their families, and the greater community.

City Kids offers year-round programming for up to seven consecutive years per student. Each summer is spent at Broken Arrow Ranch, exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and enjoying the peace of the ranch. Guy Trautman, ranch manager who grew up on the ranch and returned in 2001 reflected, “It’s just a great place to be a kid.” He finds that this welcoming nature of the ranch provides kids relief from the stressors of their city lives and allows them to drop their guard.

Guy also recognizes that the numerous conservation easements of the Bryan Flats area provide for the open space and plentiful wildlife that make the ranch special and welcoming to the campers. In addition, Trautman noted that he has only ever found one animal caught in the fence over all his years at Broken Arrow thanks to the wildlife-friendly fencing practices that go hand-in-hand with the conservation easement.

Though the camp is not open this summer due to COVID-19, they hope to bring students back next year and to welcome Guy’s protégé, Justin, as the new ranch manager.

Photo courtesy of City Kids Wilderness Project