Huidekoper Ranch Painting Session – August 7, 2014

It was a beautiful, dramatic and cloudy day as I drove up to the Huidekoper Ranch at the base of Teton Pass to paint a scene for the Land Trust‘s View 22 Project. The ranch presents almost limitless painting possibilities in every direction. There are rolling meadows, forested vistas, distant mountainous views, horses and old ranch buildings; all worth painting.


I decided to paint some old tromp sheds in a local pasture and framed the sheds with the distant forest and mountain view. The painting challenge here was to show the charm of the manmade structures that in time have almost become part of the ranch’s natural landscape. The weathered buildings have begun to shed some of their showy red paint to reveal the earthy gray tones of the wood. As the aging process continues, the sheds will slip back into the beautiful land where they rest. That land will now, as a property protected by the Land Trust, always remain to remind us of the extraordinary gifts given to us all by people willing to share these treasures under their care.


-Bill Sawczuk