Dog use in R Park

R Park is a result of input from local residents, nonprofit leaders, and policy makers. Direction from the community has been an integral priority of our design and has guided us so as to ensure it is welcoming and of interest to our vibrant and varying user groups.

The most divided issue, as is common in Jackson Hole, was dogs. Half of the feedback wanted the park to incorporate dogs, while the other half preferred the park to be dog free.

In an effort to find middle ground R Park welcomes dogs along the one-mile perimeter of the park. This is specifically:

  • the vehicle entrance and parking turnaround,
  • along the Snake River levee,
  • the community pathway from the Snake River pedestrian bridge, through R Park and under the Teton Village Road that continues north to Teton Village and west to Wilson,
  • and the gravel path that is parallel to the Teton Village Road.

We are fundraising to build a bridge that will connect the parking turnaround through the big pond to the levee, enabling a full loop around the park.

Doing so ensures the meadow in the middle of the park and the beach along the large pond remain clean and safe. Per Teton County’s staff recommendation, “dogs will be required to be restrained at all times either physically (i.e. leashed) or accompanied by a person who has strict voice control”.

R Park is owned by a nonprofit and made possible solely through support and donations. Become a FRIEND OF R PARK to help us continue to serve the thousands who love this place. Please mail donations by check via USPS to PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002 or make a gift by credit card online. Our fundraising efforts are crucial and ongoing.

USE OF THE PARK IS AT YOUR OWN RISK LAWS OF THE STATE OF WYOMING AND TETON COUNTY APPLY. For Information, questions or to report damage ‘contact us and for emergencies call 911. We have the right to remove or expel anyone who chooses to not abide by the above responsibilities.

Contact us or visit ‘visitor responsibilities‘ to learn more.