Construction Update: New shrubs & Kiosk advancement

Another week of summer has passed and Rendezvous Park (R Park) continues to see positive changes as construction progresses. All park improvements are made possible by the the $1.7 million grant awarded to Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT)  by the LOR Foundation to complete the community’s vision of the park. We will continue to keep R Park visitors and enthusiasts informed through this weekly Transformation Tuesday blog post. If you’d like to receive this update directly to your email inbox, click here. 

Whats happening this week?

Have you noticed more foliage in sections of R Park? Part of R Park’s transformation includes 169 shrubs we just planted throughout the property. This includes dogwoods, hawthorns, willows, and serviceberries.


What is the significance of these shrubs? Dogwoods typically grow well in almost any fertile, well-drained soil and are common in reclamation of landscape. Serviceberry shrubs can grow as tall as 30 feet and can be pruned to have one truck (as in the form of a tree) or can be left as a multi stemmed shrub. The white blossoms are especially large on this hybrid, so be on the lookout as these young shrubs begin to flower in their new habitat. Willow’s and Hawthorn’s typically inhabit areas that provide moisture, such as R Park’s wetlands and lowland area’s. Hawthorn shrubs are a member of the rose family, and typically feature a knotty, twisted trunk grey to reddish brown bark. Come visit R Park to walk the new trails and enjoy the new native plant life!

What’s happening with the Welcome Kiosk?

As of this week, concrete has been poured to help set the foundation for R Park’s soon to be Welcome Kiosk. The pouring of concrete is an essential part of the construction process for setting where the structure will be build.

Trail closures

Due to the construction of the Welcome Kiosk, the northern connector pathway off of the R Park roundabout is not accessible. Please use caution when navigating this area, and use alternative pathways to navigate around the construction. 

For updates or questions

As we embark on these next two years, we aim to provide and educate the public about the on-going construction process. We take great pride in providing accessible open spaces for the public to enjoy, and we want everyone to feel comfortable getting out on the land while these changes develop.  Every week to keep R Park visitors and enthusiasts informed we will post a Transformation Tuesday blog post. If you’d like to receive this update directly to your email inbox, click here. 

Receive construction information and related park impacts by connecting with us via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Be “R” Ambassador 

As we move forward with construction and reclamation of the property, we are always in need of helpful volunteers to guide visitors and act as ambassadors for the patrons of R Park. If you’re interested in volunteering please click here