Construction Update: New Pathways

Things are really shaping up at Rendezvous Park and we are excited to show you the progress. All park improvements are made possible by the  $1.7 million grant awarded to Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT)  by the LOR Foundation to complete the community’s vision of the park.

What’s happening this week?


First up, take a peek at these updated pathways which will soon feature accessible bridges currently being constructed along the south end of R Park’s property. The soon-to-be completed bridges run parallel to the bike pathway and will provide relief from these typically flooded trail areas.

Along these newly installed bridges you will be able to explore parts of the park that were relatively inaccessible beforehand. Whereas previously during rain and high water these trails were impassable, now visitors can meander around this secluded area and not have to wade through shallow streams.

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As we embark on these next two years, we aim to provide and educate the public about the on-going construction process. Every week to keep R Park visitors and enthusiasts informed we will post a Transformation blog post. If you’d like to receive this update directly to your email inbox, click here.

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Be “R” Ambassador 

As we move forward with construction and reclamation of the property, we are always in need of helpful volunteers to guide visitors and act as ambassadors for the patrons of R Park. If you’re interested in volunteering please click here

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While the transformation of Rendezvous Park is ongoing, our progress towards reaching the community vision for the park is clear and measurable. With an impressive 8,000 human visitors in 2016, we’ve also learned that wildlife loves R Park’s reclaimed habitat as elk herds pass through in the colder months and moose happily munch on Cottonwoods and cool off in the ponds during the summer.


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