Commercial Use Policy

Rendezvous Park is protected in perpetuity by a conservation easement*  finalized on March 19th, 2015 that is held by the Jackson Hole Land Trust. The park’s nonprofit owner and steward, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, is committed to upholding the easement by which it is governed. In order to do so the following policy exists in regards to commercial use of the park.


As recorded in the easement, it directly states that the purpose of R Park is “to allow current and future generations of children and adults to enjoy, explore, experience and play in the natural environment…The natural characteristics of the property will be protected and enhanced so people can visit and experience it on an ongoing basis.”

Also included in the easement, it “removes certain residential and commercial uses of the property…” for example the property “…may be neither owned or operated by a for-profit entity and shall be used, maintained and operated exclusively for the benefit of the general public.”

More directly stated, the “construction, location, or operation of any commercial facilities or uses is prohibited,” both temporary and permanent.

If you believe your use of R Park is an exception to this policy, please contact Park Community Outreach Coordinator Ellie Stratton-Brook at (307) 733-3913 or via email.


*A conservation easement is an agreement between the land owner and the land trust. As with other real property interests, the grant of conservation easement is recorded in the local land records and becomes part of the chain of title for the property. The restrictions of the easement, once set in place, are perpetual and in accepting the conservation easement, the easement holder has a responsibility to monitor future uses of the land to ensure compliance with the terms of the easement and to enforce the terms if a violation occurs.


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