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Open Space Adventure: Riparian Zones

Over the next two weeks, we invite children and those young at heart to join us on a journey to learn about where the water meets the land. There are likely a few of these areas, called riparian zones, in your neighborhood that you can access by foot, bike, or vehicle! Use this video to help guide you […]

Open Space Adventure: DIY Bird Feeder

Welcome back to Open Space Adventures! Big animals like mule deer and pronghorn aren’t the only ones who migrate. Birds also travel long distances to show up here in Northwest Wyoming — you might even spot spring arrivals like mountain bluebirds or western meadowlarks in your own backyard! Follow along with this Open Space Adventure […]

Landowner Spotlight: Wyoming Wetlands Society at Valley Springs

Heading south out of the hustle and bustle of Jackson, the eye soon relaxes as it is greeted by the open pastures of working cattle ranches and the meandering riparian corridor of the Snake River. The Valley Springs conservation property owned by the Wyoming Wetlands Society (WWS) lies at the forefront of this pleasing landscape. In 2001, […]

Open Space Adventure: Mental Map

 Welcome back to Open Space Adventures! Did you know that migrating animals like mule deer can still find their way in the dark using senses other than sight? Explore the mental maps that guide wildlife migration with your kids by downloading our printable pages in English or Spanish and following along. Photo: Josh Metten of EcoTour Adventures

Open Space Adventure: Animal Migration

Welcome back to Open Space Adventures! Migration is such a cool topic to learn about because there are so many different species from tiny insects like dragonflies and monarch butterflies, to birds like cranes and geese, all the way to pronghorn and mule deer that all migrate. Northwest Wyoming is home to many migrating land […]

Open Space Adventure: Happy Place

For kids and the young at heart: Animals use many different senses to guide them during migration from one “happy place” to the next. All together, these sensory cues create a mental map of landmarks like mountains, forests, rivers, or coastlines that tell an animal where to go. The Jackson Hole Land Trust helps protect […]

Open Space Adventure: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Here at the Jackson Hole Land Trust, we are so grateful for the incredible ecosystem surrounding us here in Northwest Wyoming that sustains our well-being and wonder, especially in these challenging times. To the young and young at heart, celebrate Earth Day by checking off all the activities in the Nature Journal we shared […]

Position Specification for JHLT’s Next President

The Jackson Hole Land Trust Board of Directors and contracted search consultant, Russell Reynolds Associates, are pleased to share the Position Specification for the next president of the Jackson Hole Land Trust. Qualified candidates are invited to apply by contacting [email protected] Following Laurie Andrew’s announcement that she would be stepping down as president in February […]

Open Space Adventure: Journey of Food

Welcome back to Open Space Adventures! Join us as we continue to explore working lands and all that they bring to our community in Northwest Wyoming. Last week we shared some resources on growing your own garden. This week we are exploring how foods grown on farms beyond your backdoor make it to your local market. Download […]