View22: Open Studio Works Now Online!

View22 Collage

In 2016, we invited 19 local artists to create place-inspired art on 13 Jackson Hole Land Trust conservation properties. The momentum for the project built over the summer as artists created their works and interacted with the community at artist demonstrations at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and R Park. From August 1st -14th, the buzz continued building as the 13 View22 open-access locations were marked with green JHLT flags.

View22: Open Studio will culminate this Sunday, August 14th, 2016 with an exhibit and sale at the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 36th Annual Picnic at the Fish Creek Ranch in Wilson.

The 31 finished works are now available for viewing and purchase online and through our downloadable e-catalog! The catalog will be updated periodically to reflect sales.

For inquiries regarding art sales please contact Roxanne Pierson at or 307-733-4707.

Wilson Wetlands Trail Painting Session – September 19th, 2013

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The Wilson Wetlands Trail is a tiny boardwalk trail running from the Wilson Post Office to Owen Bircher Park. I’ve driven past this little spot and wanted to stop and explore many times, but living in Hoback Junction, I don’t spend a lot of time on the Westbank. What a treat I had in store! I arrived at 5 PM & left my gear in the car so I could scope out a spot. I took a few moments to appreciate the Green Knoll Fire memorial sculpture – what a wonderful tribute to the firefighters who protected our friends and land!


Then I stepped onto the boardwalk and into a hidden world. The rivulet of clear water that runs through the willows supports a microcosm of plant, bird, and insect life and a rainbow of color. There were moose and deer tracks all around the edges of the water, and as I set up my easel, a large dragonfly lit on a long blade of grass as if curious to see what I was doing. The trail is so enclosed by tall willows and cottonwoods that it feels completely removed from the rest of sleepy Wilson, but while painting I could hear children playing in the park, horses whinnying for their feed, and cars buzzing by on their way up the pass. I felt invisible to the world, like I was swallowed up by the tiny wetland ecosystem. Only 3 bikers – one with a toddler in tow, and one with a big, friendly dog – passed me in the two hours that I painted on the boardwalk. What an idyllic little escape, just feet from the post office and Hungry Jack’s. If you haven’t taken advantage of this little gem, I highly recommend it!


-Jennifer Hoffman