Gary Keimig

This is the 4th and final painting I have done depicting the Torrey Lake Ranch for the upcoming art show benefiting the Jackson Hole Land Trust next month. I have tried depicting a bit of the landscape, geology, wildlife and now plant life of this amazing ranch in this vastly diverse land of the Upper Wind River Valley. The Phlox this year has been unbelievable, plentifully distributed across the landscape. Its showy white blossoms close to the ground and blooming amongst the sage and boulders contrasting vividly with those beautiful gold, orange and grays of lichen that make those boulders home.

– Gary Keimig

View22: Field Study Works Now Available Online!

In 2017, we invited 21 local artists to create place-inspired art on 18 Jackson Hole Land Trust conservation properties in Teton, Fremont, and Sublette counties. The momentum for the project built over the summer as artists created their works and interacted with the community at artist demonstrations at the R Lazy S, and the Teton Food Tour.

View22: Field Study will culminate this Sunday, August 13th, 2017 with an exhibit and sale at the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 37th Annual Picnic at the Hardeman North Meadow in Wilson.

The 80 finished works are now available for viewing and purchase through our downloadable e-catalog! The catalog will be updated periodically to reflect sales.

For inquiries regarding art sales please contact Roxanne Pierson at or 307-733-4707.