Lee Riddell – Field Study of the Mead Ranch


Having been painting for fifteen years now, I looked back recently at what I have enjoyed most about painting over this time.

The idea for View 22: Field Study is a perfect fit.

Beyond making paintings, I love to return time and again to a place as it changes with the seasons. It is exciting to learn the habits of the birds and animals that live there. I feel the rhythm of the weather patterns, and am awed by the changing light when a storm is approaching.

My favorite body of work to date was a series of pencil sketches and 6 x 8” oils of a female Calliope Hummingbird building a nest outside my studio window and raising two chicks one summer. Watching her build the nest with lichen and spider webs, sit patiently until the eggs hatched and then feed her young was fascinating. I worried about her when she was off the nest and it started to hail, and was sad when the little ones fledged. I have been wanting to create a new body of work when the View22 opportunity presented itself.

It has been very special to be the artist painting the Mead Ranch this year. Brad and Kate are people who I value very much as friends. To spend time at their ranch and to learn even a little about a lifestyle so different from my own has been a treat.

By protecting their family ranch the Mead and the Hansen families have given the world a great gift. The conservation easement preserves cattle ranching, a way of life in the West that is disappearing. The ranch with its open space, access to water and food, and safe migration routes is perfect habitat for many wild creatures who live or move through there. From time to time one can see elk, deer, moose, bald and golden eagles, hawks, coyotes and other wildlife.

Many thanks to the Mead and Hansen families for this gift.


– Lee Riddell

Alissa Hartmann – Spring Creek

I am so excited to be assigned to the Spring Creek Ranch easement just up Spring Gulch Rd. It is so close to town yet it feels like being miles and miles away from civilization. The turn-off is a little dirt road that takes me just far enough away where I don’t even hear any traffic. Instead, I hear a myriad of bird song including a woodpecker. More times then not I see a buck and I like to think it is the same one and that he might be getting used to me setting up my easel. To get to my first painting spot, I followed a steep trail up the hillside. Thankfully, all my painting supplies fit in a backpack because it is quite the climb! After about hiking for about 15 minutes, I am rewarded with a stunning view of the Tetons and the sprawling valley of cottonwood trees below. Perfect spot to begin my first painting!

– Alissa Hartmann

View22: Open Studio Works Now Online!

View22 Collage

In 2016, we invited 19 local artists to create place-inspired art on 13 Jackson Hole Land Trust conservation properties. The momentum for the project built over the summer as artists created their works and interacted with the community at artist demonstrations at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and R Park. From August 1st -14th, the buzz continued building as the 13 View22 open-access locations were marked with green JHLT flags.

View22: Open Studio will culminate this Sunday, August 14th, 2016 with an exhibit and sale at the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 36th Annual Picnic at the Fish Creek Ranch in Wilson.

The 31 finished works are now available for viewing and purchase online and through our downloadable e-catalog! The catalog will be updated periodically to reflect sales.

For inquiries regarding art sales please contact Roxanne Pierson at roxanne@jhlandtrust.org or 307-733-4707.

Ben Roth – Spring Creek Ranch

I’ve always been intrigued by bonsai and their gnarled, twisted character and have wished that there were more around to paint and print. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Land Trust has any holdings in Japan, but while out hiking along the Snake River, I was struck by the abundance of our unaltered version to the stately bonsai – the exquisite sagebrush.


Jenny Wolfrom recommended the Spring Creek Ranch easement on Spring Gulch Road for sagebrush observation and she was on point. It was fun to go up a new drainage in the valley and I really enjoyed the Dr. Seussian, spindly aspen trees and meandering trails. I was looking a picturesque sage bush with the elegance of bonsai and didn’t find the exact one but several that were close, so I studied them, did some sketches and created the shape I was envisioning.


I’m in the process of painting the original and then will do a five color screen print next week. My hope is for an edition of 50. I’m painting the bush without background and treating it as a portrait.

BenRoth5 BenRoth3 BenRoth4

-Ben Roth