Abby Paffrath

Some of the hottest days we’ve had all summer were in late June when Abby Paffrath and I headed out to Fish Creek south of Wilson in search of inspiration for her contribution to our View22 project. Abby’s assigned property was Fish Creek Ranch, a great pairing for Abby who is an avid angler, and in two painting sessions about a week apart we visited spots overlooking the northern and southern ends of the property.

Abby’s preferred medium to work with is a process called batik. The batik process originated in Indonesia, and Abby’s work combines the beauty and inspiration of Jackson Hole with a centuries old traditional art form of the Balinese people. Traditionally, the batik process uses wax and dye technique to create images on fabric.

During our visit to Fish Creek, Abby used watercolors (and water from Fish Creek) to lay the base for what she would later craft in her studio with pigments and wax. She explained to me that her favorite part about working with batik is the mystery of what is to come; until the wax is removed from the fabric you are never entirely sure what the piece will become.

During both visits we started early in the morning and the early morning light and almost cloudless skies were perfect for capturing the creek and surrounding mountains. We didn’t linger longer than necessary and were finished before the heat of the day overcame us. Still, we both agreed we couldn’t help but wish that we had more time to stay and enjoy the calm, quiet beauty of Fish Creek.

– Roxy Pierson

View22: Open Studio Works Now Online!

View22 Collage

In 2016, we invited 19 local artists to create place-inspired art on 13 Jackson Hole Land Trust conservation properties. The momentum for the project built over the summer as artists created their works and interacted with the community at artist demonstrations at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and R Park. From August 1st -14th, the buzz continued building as the 13 View22 open-access locations were marked with green JHLT flags.

View22: Open Studio will culminate this Sunday, August 14th, 2016 with an exhibit and sale at the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 36th Annual Picnic at the Fish Creek Ranch in Wilson.

The 31 finished works are now available for viewing and purchase online and through our downloadable e-catalog! The catalog will be updated periodically to reflect sales.

For inquiries regarding art sales please contact Roxanne Pierson at [email protected] or 307-733-4707.