Craig Spankie

I decided to check out River Springs, now known as Rendezvous Park (R Park) for my View22 project. I went there with my children a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly there was a lot of activity at the park as the Jackson Hole Land Trust was hosting their annual FoundSpace art event in conjunction with R Park’s annual Summer Solstice party. We wandered about and the kids made pirate ships with the folks from Jackson Hole Public Art and floated them down  the stream.

 IMG_2688 IMG_2691  IMG_2729

I was interested in the connection between the R Park and Emily’s Pond via the pathway bridge so I made another trip back a few mornings later to explore the area more thoroughly.


On my second visit I came over the bridge from the Emily’s Pond side into R Park. It was your classically stunning early summer morning in Jackson, with wildly contrasting colors and the Snake River rushing by I felt confident I had gathered enough inspiration to begin my piece for the View22 project…

IMG_2735 IMG_2736 IMG_2743

– Craig Spankie

Pamela Gibson

I have spent the last couple of weeks driving from one visually accessible Land Trust site to the next and I am struck by how this land defines our valley.  I am imagining the work has been strategic, and that is why Highway 22, Spring Gulch Road and the Snake are flanked by these sites due to the work of the Land Trust and the generosity of the land owners.  I am grateful for the visual feast that is mine, and all of ours, every single day.



I work from photographs, so of course I made many stops to photograph anything on the Land Trust sites that caught my eye.  From Emily’s pond, the Hansen and Poodle Ranches to Indian Springs, the Walton Ranch and Bar BC meadow, I found inspiration.


In the end I did not choose just one site to inspire my work, but rather I chose the incredible palette that these lands offer us as a whole.  I am painting with all the rich greens of the grasses and trees, the blues of the mountains, the pinks of an evening sky, the soft yellows of the grasses.  I am allowing myself to be inspired by all that I can see every single day because I am lucky enough to live where so many have conspired to conserve this land for all of us in the here and now, and for posterity.



– Pamela Gibson

Stephanie Brennan

While driving around the valley today, I noticed the flags of the many properties holding land trust conservation easements.  Everyday, I drive by some of them, enjoying the view, not often recognizing the ‘gift’ of the view. Always in awe of this beautiful valley I call home. I am so grateful that some precious views have been framed forever so that we can still see nature’s beauty.

In contrast, but equally delightful are the easements that allow the community access.  While taking photos from Emily’s Pond and R Park for inspiration, I saw friends meeting for walks on the dike with and without their four-legged friends, kids with fishing poles, bikers, and an art class with budding young artists by the water.  They turned out to be the inspiration for my little painting.  I watched them draw and then they just sat down and visited with each other throwing an occasional rock in the water. It was sweet, and that is the moment I tried to capture in my painting.

– Stephanie Brennan

Todd Kosharek

With the birth of my second son Elliot, my schedule has become much more child-focused.  And I love it.  While I usually paint many plein air paintings each year, this summer has been more studio-based for painting.  I have only gone out in the field four times.  Three for the Land Trust.  The first time, it poured.  The second, I was called back home for reasons to do with children.  Three times the charm.

After spending a while looking for inspiration at one location, I moved to Emily’s Ponds along the Snake River.  I have been there more times than I can remember but have never painted.  By the time I arrived, the sun had set and it was too late to set up to paint.  I had to sketch fast to get the last light before it was completely gone.  It was so still and rich with the sounds of birds.  I loved my time sketching followed by a period just taking it all in, memorizing the scene, the feeling of it all.  Now – in my studio, it is a great place to revisit and recreate.

-Todd Kosharek


View22: Open Studio Works Now Online!

View22 Collage

In 2016, we invited 19 local artists to create place-inspired art on 13 Jackson Hole Land Trust conservation properties. The momentum for the project built over the summer as artists created their works and interacted with the community at artist demonstrations at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and R Park. From August 1st -14th, the buzz continued building as the 13 View22 open-access locations were marked with green JHLT flags.

View22: Open Studio will culminate this Sunday, August 14th, 2016 with an exhibit and sale at the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 36th Annual Picnic at the Fish Creek Ranch in Wilson.

The 31 finished works are now available for viewing and purchase online and through our downloadable e-catalog! The catalog will be updated periodically to reflect sales.

For inquiries regarding art sales please contact Roxanne Pierson at or 307-733-4707.

Emily’s Pond

Photo: Jonathan Selkowitz

Photo: Jonathan Selkowitz

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