View22: Field Study!

Jackson Hole Land Trust Announces View22: Field Study

View22 seeks to unite art and conservation to cultivate a deeper sense of place in throughout Western Wyoming. By pairing local artists with iconic and treasured JHLT protected properties – and sharing these experiences with the public through blog posts, artist demonstrations, and a fundraising art show – the View22 project raises awareness for the importance of open space protection for the valley’s wildlife, community, and artists. The project was launched in 2013 together with local artists Kathryn Turner, Jennifer Hoffman, and Bill Sawczuk. In 2014, Kay Northup, Lee Riddell, and Travis Walker joined the project. In 2015, we expanded the project in celebration of the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 35th anniversary to showcase 35 local artists working in a variety of visual media. The 2016 View22: Open Studio Project included 21 local artists and explored easement-protected open access properties throughout Teton County.

The fifth year of the View22 Project once again unites art and conservation with local artists creating place-based art on Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT) protected properties to raise awareness of the importance of open space protection in Jackson Hole. We are excited to announce that this year’s project is expanded to include artists and properties from our Green River Valley Program and Wind River Program areas. The concept for 2017 – View22: Field Study – is to give artists the opportunity to visit the same site on a number of occasions. This year’s artists are busy creating three to four pieces of art for the View22: Field Study Exhibit at the Annual Picnic on August 13th. The goal of View22: Field Study is to allow artists to form a deeper connection to the conservation land they are visiting and working on and to portray through their art the changes and cycles that take place on the landscape throughout the summer.

With the addition of artists and properties in our project areas we hope to continue the synthesis of art and land conservation throughout Western Wyoming. Bobbi Miller – a new artist painting in our Wind River Program area says, “I am thrilled to be participating in the View 22 Field Study Invitational and have fallen in love with a magnificent property in Dubois! The Three Spear Ranch exudes multifaceted natural beauty which lends itself to many artistic interpretations. I hope that mine will elicit feelings which will move others to thoughtfully engage in the Land Trust’s mission statement of preserving open spaces, scenic vistas and historic heritage.”

This year’s View22 artists represent a wonderfully diverse range of local fine art galleries, studios, and independent artists from Teton, Sublette, and Freemont Counties: Diane Benefiel, Emily Boespflug, Richard Burke, Lee Carlman Riddell, Elizabeth Cogburn Birnie, Katy Ann Fox, Nicole Gaitan, Alyssa Hartmann, Dwayne Harty, Gary Keimig, Laurie LaMere, Charmian McLellan, Kay Meeks, Bobbi, Miller, Bronwyn Minton, Erin O’Connor, Abby Paffrath, Jocelyn Slack, Kay Stratman, Carrie Wild, and Kathy Wipfler.