View22 at the Top of the Tram – July 9, 2015

On the morning of July 9th, the Jackson Hole Land Trust held a View22 artist demonstration session at the top of the Tram at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Dwayne Harty, Abby Paffrath, Ben Roth, and Carrie Wild were the View22 artist representatives for this year’s collaboration with JHMR.

Upon waking, we were dismayed to see that the weather was cloudy and grey and showed no signs of lifting anytime soon. Still, we decided we should go up to the top and see what the day would bring. Thanks to JHMR, we caught an early Tram up the mountain and everyone enjoyed Corbet’s Cabin waffles and coffee while we waited for the clouds to clear.

After an hour or so of waiting, our intrepid View22 artists decided to head out and see what they could find for painting inspiration. It’s always interesting seeing the different ways that people approach any task they have to do. For example, our four artists couldn’t have chosen more different paths to create art in these unique and challenging conditions.

Dwayne caught a glimpse of Cody peak, the mountains to the west of Rendezvous Mountain, and the Granite Creek drainage before the clouds swallowed the views and he was left to paint from memory with fleeting hints at the landscape as the clouds breathed in and out at the top of the mountain.

Carrie Wild took a slightly more abstract view of her surroundings, and after joking that her signed white canvas was an accurate rendition of the mist-enshrouded landscape, she got down to business using a palate of blues and purples. Carrie paints with acrylics, as opposed to oil or watercolor, and the humid, dewy nature of the clouds made for some interesting blending and dripping effects.

Ben Roth decided to work with oil pastels and charcoal on a smaller scale and did several close-up and intimate studies of the flowers and trees at the top of the Tram. He also tried to capture the clouds, although he says that they are one of the most difficult things to accurately portray as an artist.

Abby’s take was entirely different, as she decided to see what the lower elevations had to offer back down at the base of the Tram – and we can’t wait to see what she found for inspiration!
The many visitors that took the Tram up to the top on this morning enjoyed chatting with the artists and seeing them at work, with their canvases being some of the most colorful scenery to be seen in the foggy white-out.

Even though the weather was not particularly cooperative, the View22 event was a success! We at the Land Trust are grateful to Anna Cole, Margaret Brady, and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for hosting the event. We’re also incredibly grateful to the four artists for donating their time and sticking it out despite the conditions. Lastly, we wish to thank the handful of Land Trust supporters and Open Space Council members that came up to the “top of the world” for a visit on this stormy July day.

-Roxy Pierson

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