Todd Kosharek

With the birth of my second son Elliot, my schedule has become much more child-focused.  And I love it.  While I usually paint many plein air paintings each year, this summer has been more studio-based for painting.  I have only gone out in the field four times.  Three for the Land Trust.  The first time, it poured.  The second, I was called back home for reasons to do with children.  Three times the charm.

After spending a while looking for inspiration at one location, I moved to Emily’s Ponds along the Snake River.  I have been there more times than I can remember but have never painted.  By the time I arrived, the sun had set and it was too late to set up to paint.  I had to sketch fast to get the last light before it was completely gone.  It was so still and rich with the sounds of birds.  I loved my time sketching followed by a period just taking it all in, memorizing the scene, the feeling of it all.  Now – in my studio, it is a great place to revisit and recreate.

-Todd Kosharek