Stephanie Brennan

While driving around the valley today, I noticed the flags of the many properties holding land trust conservation easements.  Everyday, I drive by some of them, enjoying the view, not often recognizing the ‘gift’ of the view. Always in awe of this beautiful valley I call home. I am so grateful that some precious views have been framed forever so that we can still see nature’s beauty.

In contrast, but equally delightful are the easements that allow the community access.  While taking photos from Emily’s Pond and R Park for inspiration, I saw friends meeting for walks on the dike with and without their four-legged friends, kids with fishing poles, bikers, and an art class with budding young artists by the water.  They turned out to be the inspiration for my little painting.  I watched them draw and then they just sat down and visited with each other throwing an occasional rock in the water. It was sweet, and that is the moment I tried to capture in my painting.

– Stephanie Brennan