Spring Creek Ranch Painting Session – October 7, 2014

Those of us who have had the privilege of spending a summer evening at the Granary know how spectacular the view is from Spring Creek Ranch. As if a hawk flying high above the valley, we get to view the winding streams and open meadows of Spring Gulch and also north toward Grand Teton National Park and the Teton Range. I have always loved the chance to experience that view.

Well, with my painting assignment at Spring Creek, I was able to experience an even more remarkable version of that view. Like the spine of a bison, the same butte on which the ranch is located continues in a bony ridgeline running north and south. On a lazy fall day, I was accompanied by Jenny Wolfrom from JHLT. Together we climbed, with my easel and paints, to the very top and set up an outdoor studio. There are no roads, no buildings, few trails and a view of the mountains and valley below that knocked my socks off! I felt as if we had a private screening of the most beautiful, warm, still evening of the entire fall. I couldn’t imagine a more remarkable spot to experience it. I was so grateful that I got to share it with Jenny, because I have a witness to how truly lovely it was. I am also so grateful that the Spring Creek Ranch was planned in a thoughtful way to protect so much open space around the resort. Thanks to this foresight, these parcels of land remain to this day so pristine.

-Kathryn Turner