September Vhay

Three or more times a week I drive along the scenic Highway 22 from Jackson to Wilson to ride at the ‘Flying W’ barn in Wilson. It is a treasured, albeit short, commute of soaking in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. If it were not for the foresight and initiative of the leaders of the Jackson Hole Land Trust 35 years ago, this drive would be a very different one.  The Tetons would be the same but the land in the valley would be completely developed.

I have been paired with the Hardeman Meadows for the ‘View 22’ Project as horses graze on this property year around and provide a constant inspiration for my artwork. I see them in different light, a variety of seasons, sometimes grazing, sometimes running across the meadow, and often with starlings on their backs.

It is an honor to participate in ‘View 22’ in celebration of this landscape that shapes who we are and how we live. I have a deep respect and much gratitude for the work done by the Jackson Hole Land Trust to protect the wild open spaces of this valley.

Shared here are a few photos of the horses on the Hardeman property that will be my muse for a painting for ‘View 22’.

– September Vhay