Pamela Gibson

Photographer Linda Aurelio and I started our exploration of Indian Springs Ranch South in the early morning to catch best light. We had great conversation about what is unique to Indian Springs as we drove and then hiked to find the best vistas.

It is going to be hard to choose a subject, as there are so many striking ones here: the swan ponds, Boyles Hill with its geometric trees and shadows, the meadow with its textured grasses and rhythmic stand of willows crossing it, the mosaic of grass and sage rich with purples and greens in the morning light. There was so much wildlife present. The edges of the resident elk herd were visible through the trees at the top of Boyles hill, birds of all sizes, including an enormous hawk, were out hunting. There were horses in the stables and cows grazing in the meadows.

Linda’s sharp eye captured 160 images, and we returned to the computer to cull them to a reasonable number. Not many were deleted. I now have this treasure trove of images to take into the studio to make the hardest decision of all. Which image do I feel best describes this 1200 acre site made up of private homes tucked away on large lots, and the 500 acres of conservation land weaving through the properties? There are no boundaries here. It doesn’t really matter what is mine, what is yours, but only what is ours. Ours is a legacy of open space that is shared with elk, moose, deer, and the occasional black bear. I can’t wait to get into the studio to begin to interpret this beautiful gem in our valley.

– Pamela Gibson