Mike Piggott

Landscape painter Mike Piggott created this vibrant acrylic on canvas piece for View22: 35 Places from the South Park Wildlife Habitat Management Area, looking to the south at Munger Mountain, the forested mountain at the southern end of the valley.

Earlier in the spring, Mike had shared with us that “years ago I kayaked on the Gros Ventre and the Snake Rivers – it’s in my bones – I love those rivers,” so we thought that the Munger Mountain Corridor Project area would be a perfect location for him to capture. Munger rises from the Snake River riparian corridor to National Forest lands at its summit; much of the land in between is privately owned with Land Trust conservation easements, part of the lower Snake River Ranch, and provides crucial connectivity for many wildlife species.

A first of its kind partnership between the Jackson Hole Land Trust, U.S. Forest Service, Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Wyoming State Forestry Division, Wyoming Wildlife & Natural Resource Trust, and the Snake River Ranch secured the permanent protection of 236 new acres of land on Munger in November 2014, supported by Forest Legacy Program funds out of recognition of its importance for elk migration, bald eagle nesting, and a multitude of native wildlife. Mike’s painting looks out across the Wildlife Management Area and Snake River corridor to this newly-conserved land on Munger.

– Leslie Steen