Lee Carlman Riddell – R Park

Greetings from R Park on a beautiful Tuesday, July 21st!

Elisabeth Rohrbach, the enthusiastic director of R Park, was conducting one of their biweekly tours of the property, which are open to anyone who would like to join her. Leslie Steen and four View22 artists joined the fun: Steph Brennan, Erin O’Connor, Ben Roth and me. Steph was making sketches for her piece, drawing inspiration from the kids enjoying the water. Erin was painting a piece that she had started earlier, calling on her memory of the light and filling in the foreground of grasses. Ben was making a prints, and I was making the painting you see here ‘R Park Summer’.

Renowned painting teacher Greg Houda’s Art Camp of 15 or so kids (ages 8-10?) was out painting water, mountains and clouds. They came over to where I was painting and happily showed me their creations. Such joy. A family had carried a tiny rubber raft to the pond and were out paddling in the water. Later, a bull moose with a 4-point rack in velvet swam across the pond, with all of us watching and appreciating being there to see him.

So much energy in this very special place. We are all so lucky that it is open to the public as a JH Land Trust protected property, thank you all!

– Lee Carlman Riddell

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