Lee Carlman Riddell

I love that the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s View 22: Open Studio 2016 celebrates the protected lands in and around Jackson that are open to the public. I wanted to explore a new area and chose Flat Creek Corridor, wondering where it was and what I would find there.

To my great surprise and delight, it is the sagebrush / aspen / pine covered hill leading up to Josie’s Ridge, a walk that my dog Tosca and I do several times a week. I had no idea it was a Jackson Hole Land Trust protected property.

At first I wanted to create a painting that showed how close this beautiful land is to where many of us live by including the sage-covered hillside, homes below, and the view to the Teton Range to the West. Sometimes an idea just does not translate into a painting, especially the way I see the world. I simplify until I have the feeling of being in the place on canvas.

Lee Riddell_FlatCreek1  Lee Riddell_FlatCreek2  Lee Riddell_FlatCreek3

On an early morning walk up Josie’s Ridge in July, every different species of wildflower seemed to be in bloom at the same time. It is a short window in Jackson when we are treated to a fireworks display in the wild like this. There is also a fullness, a lushness to high summer here.

My painting is a celebration of the life on this hillside and  the color in this very accessible place where wildlife, people, dogs and mountain bikers are all welcome.

Lee Riddell_High Summer, Flat Creek Corridor

– Lee Carlman Riddell