Laurie LaMere

I spent almost every day of this week, both morning & evening, plein air painting on the Seven Mile River Ranch. What a privilege it was to have access to this lovely ranch. The Green River flows through the entire property. The first morning I went out there, I fully expected to be carried away by the mosquitos. I went prepared with multiple layers of clothing and plenty of bug spray. To my pleasant surprise, there was a gentle breeze…. enough to keep the bugs at bay. For the entire week, I was never chased off by the bugs. How amazing was that? Especially since there was plenty of water around, do to flooding.

The first morning out, I set up alongside the pond, next to the old Cooley place. I was entertained by a multitude of frogs. The sun was shining brightly & there was a striking reflection in the pond. I spent four hours quietly painting, and when the light changed enough that I decided to shut down, I was sad to have to leave.

That evening, I set up by the Green River, facing upstream, with a view of the Wyoming Range in the distance. This was the start of my second painting. I watched a Blue Heron for a while, with his slow, graceful movement. As dusk set in, I was serenaded by song birds. In fact, every visit to the ranch was a concert of some sort, most often by birds.

With each trip to the ranch, there was some kind of pleasant surprise. I saw a momma Moose and her new born baby on several occasions, Sandhill Cranes, Ducks and Geese, Deer, many different songbirds, and of course the Blue Heron.

As the week progressed, I revisited these places several times to finish up my paintings. I just can’t imagine a more peaceful or glorious way to spend time outdoors, and I thank God for these wide open spaces and for the privilege of living in Wyoming.

– Laurie LaMere