Indian Springs Ranch Painting Session – Thursday, June 26th

Indian Springs Ranch

Indian Springs Ranch

Painting a familiar place is very comforting. Usually, I’ve passed by a view many times before I get the urge to paint it. Many of the View 22 vistas this year are some of my favorite spots in the valley, including my first location, Indian Springs Ranch.


I spent a few hours looking around the borders of the Indian Springs Ranch, which was a lot bigger than I realized. Eventually, I was inspired to paint one of the small ponds on the edge of the ranch along Boyles Hill Road that I discovered just last year. I set up my easel at the edge of the pond, at around 8 in the morning.


I love the way the cottonwoods line the edges of the ponds. The water is so still with the thick trees blocking any wind that the surface is a near perfect mirror. The swans glide around the lake gracefully, occasionally stopping to chase each other across the pond, which is pretty hilarious and noisy, startling me several times. The weather is completely clear and perfect, although the early morning air is so cold still that my acrylic paints refuse to dry. This requires me to leave my painting at an impasse, and I will return to finish it later.

-Travis Walker