Eric Seymour

Being selected as an artist for the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 35th anniversary has been an incredible honor. As a photographer for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort I am constantly shooting photos year-round and showcasing the seasons and the beauty of Jackson Hole. I feel like I have shot photos almost everywhere in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Arriving at “Elk Camp,” I knew I was somewhere different.

The property is north of Jackson, situated along the Snake River and a haven for wildlife. The goal for my first morning on the property was to scout and get a lay of the land. Cottonwood trees towered above.

We initially walked to the pond that is adjacent to the Snake River. What a view. I knew this spot would be a gimme for a sunrise photo.

We continued to explore Elk Camp and the land was interspersed between meandering streams, open meadows and towering trees. A cow moose walked through one of the fields to drink from a stream while we were scouting.

A few days later I set my alarm for 4:30am and arrive at Elk Camp just as the sun is beginning to rise. The sound of the forest is exploding. Birds chirp and elk bugles pierce the morning air. I diligently shoot the pond and the Snake River trying not to be drawn to the sounds of the wildlife.

Finally as the sun crests the horizon I slip into the woods to see what the forest has to offer. Again I find myself face to face with the cow moose standing behind a bed of purple lupines.

I’m drawn back to the meadow and stream where I first encountered the moose. The rays of the sun are piercing through the trees casting a golden light on the field.

With all the incredible views the Tetons and Jackson Hole have to offer it’s the meadow that I choose to spend my time in. There’s something different about it. The golden rays, wildlife sanctuary and knowing that this spot will be forever protected capture my heart. I show up one more sunrise to shoot the meadow and it’s here that I take my photo for the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s 35th Anniversary.

– Eric Seymour