Emily Boespflug

I was in awe soon after dropping down the shallow slope from the highway into the Bar Cross Ranch near Cora. The uppermost peaks of the Wind River Range peeking over the foothills remained snow-covered though July was upon us. I paused with painting in mind but the mosquito swarm was worse than I’d ever experienced and I lived Central Florida for 3 years! I chose to continue onto other dirt roads throughout the property seeking a view away from the mosquito laden area I fell in love with upon arrival. Rolling foothills, black Angus and a mountainous horizon were included in every angle so I chose a distant view of the ranch house for my first painting. 

I knew I would soon have to brave the bugs for the most epic painting and returned the next day at sunset to experience the perfect light crossing the golden grasslands and warming the snowy peaks. A powerful, yet soothing energy ensued as I pushed through the evening hours the following weekend to capture the genuine spirit of the land, somehow ignoring the mosquitoes infesting my eyes, mouth, ears and every inch of my paint. After turning in my paintings I learned that I wasn’t the only one to be touched by the unique beauty of this working ranch. I shared a similar meditative focus with some of our most influential and inspiring humans including members of the Kennedy family and the Grateful Dead, who at some point had also retreated to the solitude found within this special property for their own creative aspirations. What a profound experience!

– Emily Boespflug