David Agnello

This opportunity is an honor and a pleasure! Collaborating with The Jackson Hole Land Trust and the fantastic people there is wonderful! On my first visit to the 4 Lazy F a.k.a. Poodle Ranch I walked through most of the ranch exploring the terrain, old farm equipment, and ridges. I decided I would shoot from the ridge on the east side of the property. I hiked the ridge at dawn, while incredibly beautiful I decided I would return at dusk. I wanted to capture the backlit and glowing grasses and aspens on the property below. I set up on the ridge while the sun was just above the Tetons and in the frame of my image. Using a Cambo technical camera and medium format back I shot several images that I would later stitch together to create a panoramic image. As if on cue the horses came into the center of the frame and stopped to linger and roll. This kicked up some dust that looked great backlit and added great movement and interest to the image. The panoramic image spans from just south of Teton Pass to the Grand Teton. I can’t wait to see it printed and framed and share it at the View 22 picnic.

– David Agnello