Craig Spankie

I decided to check out River Springs, now known as Rendezvous Park (R Park) for my View22 project. I went there with my children a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly there was a lot of activity at the park as the Jackson Hole Land Trust was hosting their annual FoundSpace art event in conjunction with R Park’s annual Summer Solstice party. We wandered about and the kids made pirate ships with the folks from Jackson Hole Public Art and floated them down  the stream.

 IMG_2688 IMG_2691  IMG_2729

I was interested in the connection between the R Park and Emily’s Pond via the pathway bridge so I made another trip back a few mornings later to explore the area more thoroughly.


On my second visit I came over the bridge from the Emily’s Pond side into R Park. It was your classically stunning early summer morning in Jackson, with wildly contrasting colors and the Snake River rushing by I felt confident I had gathered enough inspiration to begin my piece for the View22 project…

IMG_2735 IMG_2736 IMG_2743

– Craig Spankie