Circle Shoe Ranch Painting Session – August 19th, 2013

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This day was very special because I got to meet more incredible Jackson folks. On an early Friday morning, I met Kathryn Turner and Bob Peters, chair of the Land Trust’s Open Space Council, outside the gas station in Wilson. Excited and somewhat bewildered about where we headed, as usual, I headed to the Circle Shoe Ranch with Kathryn and Bob. An adorable bombardment of dogs awaited us there – my favorite was a sassy Pomeranian lacking teeth, most appropriately nicknamed Gummy Bear. Next, I met Cupcake, who is, in fact, human and helps out the owner of the Circle Shoe, Birdie Rossetter. I loved Cupcake right off the bat – she is so much fun! But the real treat was getting to meet Birdie, an avid fisherwoman and wonderful person. She showed us around her house, giving us the background on the various pieces of artwork that she treasures, and shared with us a collection of pictures featuring her late husband Tom. I learned that Tom Rossetter had been very involved with the Jackson Hole Land Trust as a board member.


Bob Peters has been fishing with Birdie regularly at the Circle Shoe for many years, so he was able to show us the most special views on the property. Kathryn definitely had her work cut out for her: choosing one scene to paint out of the many options in this magical place. Kathryn finally decided to paint a side channel of Fish Creek that they called “the oxbow”, and soon after she had made her decision, Bob informed us that it is one of Birdie’s favorite places. I can see why! A small bench was set out by the water, which was so clear and peaceful that you might not even know it was water had it not been for a few plants gently swaying at the bottom.


I was happily surprised when Kathryn offered to let me paint beside her again. As we were getting set up, I asked her to share the secret to painting water, and she replied that it is to just paint the shapes you see, rather than what you think water looks like.


Before I knew it, we were packing up and getting ready to leave. I was so sad, because this was my last View22 session with Kathryn for the summer. I can’t believe how fast the summer has flown. It’s been an incredible experience – I look forward to my final paint out with Bill next week.


-Mimi King