Charmian McLellan

Eight/tenths of an inch of rain at the Boulder Lake Ranch (where I live) in the night. The morning brought clouds; then gradual clearing and wind. I arrived at the Flying Fish Hook Ranch about 10:15. Quiet, quiet, quiet–nothing but QUIET except for the rustle of a stiff breeze through the sage and intermittent birdsong–bluebirds, black birds, and Redwing blackbirds. White “puffies” and lemony sunshine.

I was able to tuck into the lee side of the “hunter’s cabin” out of the wind and paint for a couple of hours. Got a good start on an 8 x 10 oil painting.
There is a painting in every direction one turns out here and I loving the variety of greens punctuated by the greyish buff boulders decorated with orange lichen. (Some almost lavender in the distance.)

– Charmian McLellan