Annie Band

When I was asked to participate in the View22 Project, I was thrilled; so many JHLT properties are near and dear to my heart. I also was a little concerned about being able to finish a complex piece during my summer madness, but I just had to say yes. Then I found out I was paired with the Snake River Ranch, one of the most beautiful places in the valley. Living on Fish Creek Road I walk, run or bike past this property several times a week, year round. It holds a very special place in my heart.

As the first jeweler involved in the project, I really want to create something iconic and evocative, yet easy to wear. I was completely staggered by the flowers blooming this summer on the Ranch, and it has been hard to avoid focusing entirely on wildflowers while wandering about. The mule’s ear has given way to swathes of helianthella in shocks of sunlit yellow, and many other more subtle and divine blossoms. I’ve sketched and photographed several times on the property this summer and am deciding exactly where my piece will go. I want to capture the lightness and joy of the flowers within a framework that specifically honors the Snake River Ranch.

I love the fence lines wandering off against backdrops of cottonwoods, aspens, firs, and mountain ridges. The flowers erupting everywhere may have to be the focus for me, illuminated with some brilliant gems. Perhaps a hinged choker that captures that sense of wandering and living in the moment, filled with blooms…

– Annie Band